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The thesis of my essay is “The two different uses of slowed progression of time and movement were used to highlight the significance of both scenes.”. My main arguments are that the choice of moment and flow were most influential on the pages I analyzed. The design choices made these pages stand out among others throughout the novels.

I enjoyed the process of tracing and annotating. It was interesting to analyze the pages without text, even though the pages I chose originally didn’t have much dialogue or text. It was useful to go through the five choices in comic making and see if I could see them represented on the page. The suggested themes to consider were also helpful because they helped me categorize my annotations. The whole process helped me delve deeper than surface level observations.

My writing process didn’t completely change with the inductive thinking format. I knew pretty quickly what my first two topic sentences would be. It has always been hard for me to formulate thesis sentences. In this instance, I found it to be more difficult because I would easily slip into thinking that my first topic was my thesis even though it wasn’t. This confused me until I took some time to draw conclusions I made from the points made in the first couple of paragraphs. I was then able to choose which I felt fit the best.

As mentioned before, this project helped me look deeper at the pages. I think I overlooked some concepts when I first read these two novels. Analyzing them allowed me to look really close and try to observe as much as possible. It is easy for me to gloss over pages and not look at deeper meanings. After this process, I realized why that can be dangerous. It can cause me to miss important themes and messages that could possibly change my viewpoint on a character, situation, or topic. For example, I honestly missed the point of the zoomed-in panels in Stitches and the many little panels on the page in Spinning. I have been able to understand the likely motivations behind these design choices. I think I now appreciate the creativity and attention to detail a lot more.

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